Discover new features of your car with Finova Connect

A connected car service that unlocks new features for car drivers.
Finova Connect hardware easily connects into a OBD-II diagnostical port of a car
Mobile application is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Now you always know there your car is

With Finova Connect you can easily find your vehicle on the parking lot or an unfamiliar place.

Be cool when giving your car to somebody else

Do not hassle when your car is being driven by a family member or a friend. Using Finova Connect you can always know that your car and a driver are safe.

Automatically notify in case of a car damage, evacuation or theft

Finova Connect hardware tracks the safety of your car while you are away. You will receive an alert into a mobile app in case something happens to your vehicle.

We will assist you in case of a difficult situation

Will assist you in case of extreme maneuvers, crash, critical malfunction or any other unexpected car's behavior. In case of critical situations, we will automatically send rescue services, police or ambulance to an exact location of your vehicle.

Besides you can always rely on us in stations like:


Low battery



We will remind you when your car needs next maintenance

When time comes to a next planned maintenance, you will receive a notification and let know your mechanic with one click.

Receive instant car health notifications

Your car often sends special signals which needs to be interpreted and taken care of. Finova Connect helps you to understand the diagnostical errors and keep track of your car health.
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